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Throughout this course you will learn how to Create a demo account, download MT4 platform you will be given a full MT4 platform introduction along with the features & functions. Telegram download, forex market with introduction, base & quote currency, corelating pairs, commodity (XAUUSD) and PIP calculation, You will learn all the BASICS. This course have been easily broken down to give you the most powerful upper hand in becoming educated in this matter in order to get a better understanding how the Foreign Exchange Market moves on a live chart known as Forex.

WE CAN GUARANTEE, – that if committed to learning, mastering and applying all the skills we will provide you with throughout this course, you will soon learn about the Forex market. YOU WILL have more time on your hands to do the things you love. 



  • Step By Step Guidance On Forex Basics – Beginners
  • Create a demo account
  • Download the MT4 platform
  • Full MT4 platform introduction
  • MT4 features & functions
  • Download Chatroom -Telegram
  • Forex market with introduction
  • Base & quote currency
  • Corelating pairs
  • Commodity (XAUUSD)
  • PIP calculation
  • Forex Educational Photo Resources – BLT Gallery
  • More Than Over 10 Years Combination of Forex Trading Expertise and Experience In Currency Trading Combined Throughout Our Team


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